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Why do I have a web site?


Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Over the year of sharing my stories of the adventures that I have had from mountaineering, cycling, running, hiking, camping, etc.; so many people have told me to start a web site to share my stories.  I have been hesitant because I did not want (and still do not want) to have a web site that is egotistical about “look how great I am”.  Rather, I have been told that my stories are inspirational and if I share them it might convince other’s that they also can do extraordinary things in their lives.

My goal for having Hawaiian Shirt Ray web sight is to help guide people to a fitness lifestyle and to share the stories of others that I meet during my adventures and show the ordinary people can do extraordinary things.  I hope that you want to share the journey as my web site slowly finds its direction in becoming a place to visit to be inspired by the accomplishments of others.

What’s up with the Hawaiian Shirts?

I race in Hawaiian shirts to remind myself that I am out to have fun (which during an ultra trail run I need to be reminded often) and that I should not take myself to0 seriously.  It is an attitude that I strive to carry over into my personal life too.

My Mantra – “You Gotta Keep Moving”

This became my mantra after talking with my Mom’s 89 year old neighbor (Ed passed away May 2013 at age 97).  One day while visiting my Mom back in Ohio my neighbor Ed asked me if he could borrow our 12′ a-frame ladder.  Sure I said without questioning his intentions on using the ladder.  Later that day I watched Ed cleaning his gutters.  He would slowly climb to the top of the ladder, pull the leaves out of the gutter, then slowly climb down, move the ladder a few feet forward, and repeat the process.

On another visit to see Mom three years later guess who was out doing yard work at 92?!  Yes, Ed was out trimming his front hedges.  Remember, Ed is “old school” so he was using the hand-held scissor type of trimmers, not no electric trimmers.  So, there he was with his green plastic lawn chair stationed in front of the hedge he was working on, with his cane in one hand he would slowly rise from the chair, take a few whacks at the hedge, and then with his cane in hand, slowly sit back down. Ed would do this for hours and hours repeating the process throughout the day.

I went over and talked with Ed for a long time that day and he had a lot of wisdom to share with me about life and getting older.  The one thing that he told me that is the most important thing to do is “you gotta keep moving

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