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Welcome to Hawaiian Shirt Ray

My goal with Hawaiian Shirt Ray is to help people realize their true potential by giving them the tools to learn about health, fitness, and nutrition.   Within Hawaiian Shirt Ray you will discover within yourself that:  “You are better than you think you are, and can do more than you think you can!”*

Here is what you can find on Hawaiian Shirt Ray . .

Ordinary People

You can read about stories of ordinary people doing extra ordinary things.  I never ceased to be amazed by the people that I meet and the challenges that they take on.  Their stories are my inspiration and can be yours too.

Although I write about “ordinary” people in my articles, the articles under Ordinary People will spotlight some of the extraordinary things that people I have meet have done.  I hope these stories will motivate and inspire you to find within yourself that:  “You are better than you think you are, and can do more than you think you can!”

Living a Fitness Lifestyle

The articles that you will find on Hawaiian Shirt Ray will help guide you toward living a fitness lifestyle.  These articles will show you that regular exercise can play a key role in living a fitness lifestyle by reducing the risk of medical problems, and aiding in any existing medical problems.  Striving to live a fitness lifestyle is literally a matter of life and death.

The articles under the categories: Health & Fitness, Nutritional Guidelines, and Training & Exercise will help guide you toward a Fitness Lifestyle.

Ask Ray!

In the upper right-hand corner of Hawaiian Shirt Ray you will see the “Ask Ray!” link.  This is your opportunity to contact me directly about any questions that you have about: fitness, exercise, weight loss, training, nutrition, or any other topic you are seeking advice.

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You can follow me on Twitter to get the lasted updated articles and hear about what is happening with Hawaiian Shirt Ray.  Just click on the Twitter icon under “Ask Ray!” Trust me, I don’t abuse Tweeting.

If Twitter is not your thing, you can sign up for my RRS Feed at the bottom right-hand corner of the page under the Admin section.  By clicking on the RSS Feed link you will never miss the latest articles that I write.

About Hawaiian Shirt Ray

I am an ordinary person trying to find my true potential.  Along the way I have become a Certified Fitness Therapist, and a Certified Specialist in Exercise Therapy.  Since I was very young I’ve had my mantra of: “You gotta keep moving”.  Take a look at my biography for the details on how this became my mantra.

You can find me most of the times outdoors living a Fitness Lifestyle.  Some of the outdoor activities I enjoy in Colorful Colorado are: hiking with my pup Simon, trail running, snowshoes, cycling, various races, mountaineering, etc. . . You gotta keep moving!

Hawaiian Shirt Ray

* Ken Chlouber, Leadville Trail 100.  Not sure if he coined the phrase, but it is where I got it from.